What Can I Do to Sell More Products in My Reception Area?

Another question we’re frequently asked on How to grow your veterinary business is:

What can I do to sell more products in my reception area?

Our view is this:

Looking for ways to increase sales of the products you sell within the reception area of your veterinary practice is an excellent idea as this is one way to increase the average transaction value of your clients.

Here are three strategies you can start implementing immediately which will increase sales of products within your reception area:

1. Give your staff up-sell/cross-sell scripts

Did you know that when McDonald’s introduced the phrase “Would you like fries with that?” they doubled their worldwide profits? This phrase is the perfect example of a cross-sell script, in other words a script that your staff can learn which they use to get clients to purchase something other than the thing they originally came into the practice for.

McDonald’s also introduced the another phrase “Would you like to super-size that?” which is an example of an up-sell script, in other words a script your staff can use to get your clients to buy a more expensive version of the thing the originally came in for.

So how can you use them in your practice?

Well you can use generic scripts and product specific scripts.

A generic script could be a simple script your reception desk staff can use when they are taking payment from a client such as:

“Rocky has been such a good boy today, would you like to reward him with a tasty chew? They’re only a dollar and I can add it to your bill if you like”

An example of a product specific script could be script used when a client buys an external flea treatment such as

“We really recommend a non-stripping shampoo with that flea treatment might I suggest this one?”

Or if a client has bought a small bag of dog food you could have a script such as:

“Did you know that the 17.6 lb bags are much better value for money, we can carry it to your car for you if you’re worried about the weight.”

Think which products have up-sell opportunities and which ones have cross-sell opportunities. Then create simple scripts your reception staff can use but don’t introduce too many at once or you’ll just confuse them.

2. Increase the number of facings.

It has been proven across many veterinary practices that if you have two product facings and you increase that to three product facings you should increase your sales of those products by 50%. If you have the space to do then do it!

3. Better Shelf Signage

Many practice either have very poor shelf signage or, even worse, no signage at all. Rather than assuming your clients will know that the paper bags stacked up are dog food why don’t you make them think about buying some? For example, above the diet food put a sign that is large enough to be seen from every point of th waiting area with the words “Does your dog need to lose a weight?” or above the dental chews “Does your dog’s breath smell?” or above the shampoo “Does your dog itch?”. When you make your clients think they will become engaged with your products rather than oblivious to them!

These are very practical things you can implement you just have to take action and do it!